Omdia Theatre Sessions
Electronica 2022
15-18 November 2022  |  Trade Fair Center Messe M√ľnchen
Omdia's industry leading analysts will be a hosting a range of thought leadership sessions at Hall C2, Booth 401 with exclusive insights, latest trends and market analysis across Automotive, Power Semiconductor, MEMS & Sensors to AI and the next generation of IoT chips.

Trends in the Power Semiconductor IC Market
Paul Pickering - Practice Lead
In the ever-growing excitement over the drive toward ever smaller and faster devices, there's a tendency to overlook other semiconductor types that are equally important links in the semiconductor supply chain. The presentation will concentrate on the integrated circuits used to supply power in almost all electronic designs. This session will cover key growth drivers, trends, and forecasts across a variety of market segments and product types
Tuesday, Nov 15, 12:00
Thursday, Nov 17, 12:00

Transformation in the Automotive Industry
Sang Oh - Senior Analyst
The session will briefly address the three transformations in the automotive industry today, as well as how they are shifting the functions of semiconductor components within vehicles. The session will also share some high-level dynamics and forecasts for the automotive semiconductor market.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 13:00
Wednesday, Nov 16, 16:00

Trends in the Power Semiconductor Discretes and Modules Markets
Dr. Callum Middleton - Senior Analyst
The presentation will give an overview of trends across the markets of both discretes and modules used in Power Electronics along with 5 year forecasts. This will involve a breakdown of the key growth drivers, across a variety of market segments, regions, and device types.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 14:00
Thursday, Nov 17, 16:00

From the GPU to the Post-GPU
Alexander Harrowell - Senior Analyst
As AI models explode in size, they are pushing the limits of hardware performance. GPUs are already area-limited and very power hungry. This is catalyzing a boom in new processor types and a transformation of CPUs and GPUs themselves.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 15:00
Wednesday, Nov 16, 14:00

The Wide Band-Gap Power Semiconductor Market Update
Richard Eden - Principal Analyst
This presentation will share key findings from the latest Omdia market research into SiC and GaN Power Semiconductors. It will explain recent supplier market news and present the latest 5-year forecasts for SiC and GaN power devices by products and application sectors. Lastly, it will explain the scope of the forthcoming Wide Band-gap Power Semiconductor Intelligence Service.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 16:00
Wednesday, Nov 16,15:00

Advanced Simplicity: On a new generation of IoT chips
Edward Wilford - Senior Principal Analyst
As the IoT advances beyond simply connecting simple devices, a new type of chips is rapidly becoming standard, with factors such as acceleration, security, and computational power growing in importance, while supply line issues continue to have a range of effects on the market at all levels.
Tuesday, Nov 15, 17:00
Thursday, Nov 17, 15:00

AI Powering Sustainable Transformation 
Alexander Bourgeois - Senior Analyst
This presentation will outline top-level practices for AI and data unification initiatives. Within the scope of hyper-automation Omdia will address key vendors and technologies in addressing ESG goals. Lastly Omdia will look forward for future market predictions including some commentary on changing business practices. 
Wednesday, Nov 16, 12:00
Thursday, Nov 17, 14:00

MEMS & Sensors Market Update in Consumer Electronics
Dr. Nora Houlihan - Senior Research Analyst
A summary of key findings in the MEMS and Sensors market for consumer electronics including a 5 year market forecast for several sensors and their markets.  
Wednesday, Nov 16, 13:00
Thursday, Nov 17, 13:00

Semiconductor Industry Growth Outlook
Michael Yang - Senior Research Director
This session outlines a detailed view of today's semiconductor market and highlights the emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges faced in the semiconductor supply chain.
Wednesday, Nov 16, 17:00  

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